Go, Fight, Win! Novice Debate

As a high school debater from a small public school, I understand firsthand how limited resources and coaching disadvantage some schools from becoming nationally competitive in policy debate. After debating for nearly six years, I have greatly benefitted from the skills I had aquired from debate and understand how many others could become competitive in the activity with access to high-quality coaching. In collaboration with Robert Holmes at Gulliver Prep, I started Go, Fight, Win!, a free online curriculum teaching novices the basics of policy debate. Because of lack of funding, I have not been able to produce Go, Fight, Win! videos since the 2014-2015 (Surveillance) topic. If you are interested in partnering to continue to Go, Fight, Win! legacy, please feel free to contact me using the online form below. I would love to share resources and expertise to make policy debate accessible to everyone. 

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